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Jon Jones admits he will 'never' look at Anderson Silva as a cheater

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones explains why he does not consider the former middleweight kingpin a cheater.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Last month, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva sent shockwaves throughout the MMA community when it was revealed by the Nevada Athletic Commission that he had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in his UFC 183 out-of-competition test. It was later confirmed that Silva tested positive for Oxazepam, Temazepam, and drostanolone metabolites in his post-fight drug test as well.

Naturally, the news appalled a large segment of the MMA fanbase - one that had long hoped against hope that their idol, the iconic ‘Spider,' was not one of the steroid abusers that had infested MMA. However, while many fans and pundits have been on the offensive and brought into question the legitimacy of the longtime champion's career, others have come to his aid, and offered their support and friendship.

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones was one of the few who publicly supported Silva, and was adamant that the Brazilian should not be considered a "cheater."

"When you go through a situation like he's gone through, there's a lot of medical people that are gonna advise you to do this or that to heal yourself," Jones said. "I'll never look at Anderson as a cheater. What he's been able to accomplish throughout his career is just unbelievable. He's still a guy I admire and look up to tremendously and I'm pulling for him to just get through all this and continue being the champion that he's been."

However, Jones also added that he does not "condone steroids." He simply believes that Silva's situation was a one-time occurrence, and not his dirty little secret.

"I don't really know the whole situation. I don't believe he's been doing it his whole career."

Silva has since been temporarily suspended by the NAC until he appears in front of the commission at a hearing in April or May.

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