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UFC issues press release in support of recent video piracy arrest

While some MMA fans may not be too pleased about news of the arrest of prolific media pirate (believed to be "Sir Paul") this week, the UFC is definitely beaming.


The UFC's long running battle against online piracy continues. While, through their own efforts, the UFC has taken on multiple illegal streamers via lawsuit, this time, they're merely standing on the sidelines, watching one of their biggest foes go down. The "world's most prolific UFC and WWE pirate" believed to be the torrent streamer known as "Sir Paul" was arrested earlier this week, in Coalville, England by the UK Police Intellectual Property Unit.

Not long after news of the arrest was made public, by Torrent Freak, the UFC issued a press release in support of police efforts:

Las Vegas - UFC® today announced it is cooperating with law enforcement officials from the City of London Police and its Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) regarding an investigation into the illegal distribution of UFC programming.

On March 18, the PIPCU executed a warrant to search and seize computers and property suspected of being used for criminal activity. A 55-year-old suspect, believed to be one of the internet's biggest illegal uploaders of mixed martial arts and wrestling content, was arrested and remanded into police custody following the execution of the search warrant for his alleged involvement into the illegal distribution of protected content. Authorities estimate the suspect's operation may have shared files that led to more than 2 million downloads. The suspect has been taken in for questioning as part of the ongoing investigation.

In the course of the search of the suspect's residence in Coalville, Leicestershire, PIPCU uncovered computers, electronic equipment, and other evidence to assist in determining the extent of the unlawful activity and the potential damages incurred as a result of these crimes.

UFC has assisted local law enforcement authorities around the world in identifying potential infringers of intellectual property laws relating to the illegal distribution of copyrighted broadcasts. The UFC is committed to providing any assistance to PIPCU's investigation into the illegal distribution of the company's content and will make records and documents available to investigators.

"The UFC organization hopes this investigation and arrest by PIPCU will result in a significant decrease in the illegal online distribution of our intellectual property and broadcasts," UFC Chief Legal Officer Kirk Hendrick said. "We take online piracy very seriously and will continue to work with law enforcement officials around the world to prevent illegal sharing of UFC content."

You may remember, that Zuffa is, in fact, the second largest lobbying group in the US, in terms of sports entities, sitting only behind the NFL. Without question, Zuffa leads US sporting organizations, for lobbying on behalf of bills like SOPA and other modes of online regulation. It may not necessarily be a battle they're winning, but it's a definitely a battle that they're dedicated to fighting.

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