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From foes to family: UFC fighter dates opponent's sister after bloody Octagon war

Love is a funny thing: After a bloody battle in the Octagon, UFC lightweight Drew Dober is now in a relationship with his opponent's sister.

The sport of MMA has written so many unbelievable stories, but you sure have never heard one like this: Roughly a year ago, UFC lightweights Drew Dober and Nick Hein fought a gritty three-round war inside the Octagon at UFC Fight Night: Munoz vs. Mousasi. Today, they consider each other family, as Dober is in a committed relationship with Hein's sister Gloria.

"I lost the fight, which was unfortunate," Dober told German outlet "But I met Gloria, so the trip stands for more than just that loss."

The fight was a close back-and-forth affair. In the end, Hein was favored by the judges and awarded the unanimous decision victory. Of course, a rematch is not on Dober's To-do-list, he laughs. Because hours later, at Hein's after party, he met the girl of his life - his opponent's sibling sister Gloria.

"I talked to Nick's sister, we exchanged contacts and yeah, she is just a fantastic person. We stayed in contact and then it just happened as it happened. We met in New York and then went to Denver where I am living right now and in December, I visited her in Germany."

Right after Dober managed to submit former WEC champion Jamie Varner in December, he celebrated Christmas in Cologne, Germany, together with his new girlfriend and her brother, his old foe. And instead of punches, both fighters exchanged presents this time.

"He gave me some Lederhosen underwear and I gave him a book", he answers when asked about what presents he and Nick exchanged before adding with a laugh: "With lots of pictures."

The friendship between the two as well as the relationship with Hein's sister are lasting to this day. In the UFC's Octagon, many grown men's hearts may have been broken. At least one has been given away to a significant other.

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