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Todd Duffee doesn't expect Brock Lesnar comeback, calls out Frank Mir

Heavyweight knockout artist Todd Duffee is doubtful that WWE superstar Brock Lesnar will return to the UFC anytime soon. He feels Frank Mir should face him next instead.

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Todd Duffee has a very impressive record: Out of four UFC fights, he scored three first-round finishes - two of them in under a minute, all of them (T)KOs. But yet, the 6 ft 3 in knockout machine is missing a fight against a high caliber opponent. Someone like Frank Mir.

In an interview on MMA Junkie Radio, Duffee explained:

"I thought I was gonna get (Matt) Mitrione, but he got (Ben) Rothwell, and they've slowly matched up everyone in the top 15, it looks like, except one guy - so I've got to call him out," Duffee said. "It's not a grudge match - nothing like that. I have a lot of respect for the guy. But he's No. 11 (in the UFC rankings), and with the new Reebok deal coming in, I've definitely got to beat those upper-echelon guys. I'm about to be 30 (years old). I've had a lot of time off in my career. I'd like to have a legend fight, and I'm looking at Frank Mir at No. 11."

Frank Mir is coming off a career saving win over Antonio Silva at UFC Fight Night: Mir vs. Bigfoot in February. He has stated multiple times since that he wants a rubber match against WWE superstar Brock Lesnar next, should the rumors of his UFC comeback remain true.

Duffee is wary that this is going to happen, so in his mind, Mir should fight him instead:

"I'm just looking to get a fight," Duffee said. "Everyone's getting matched up, and I don't want to get left off. I don't think Brock's coming back. ... I'm cordial - I think (Mir is) a legend. It's nothing personal. It's a business decision for me."

For nine pro MMA wins, Duffee only needed a combined time of under ten minutes. That could mean two things: That he is either incredibly good or incredibly unchallenged. Duffee himself believes it's the latter and asks for a change:

"Aren't you guys kind of tired of watching me fight guys you know the outcome to? Wouldn't you like to see a challenge for me, maybe? Longer than a minute and a half?"

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