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UFC welterweight Matt Brown’s alleged assault to be re-reviewed by city prosecutor

UFC welterweight Matt Brown’s alleged assault is back in front of the prosecutor’s desk just two weeks after the police declined to file charges.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Less than two weeks after the alleged assault case brought about no charges, Matt Brown was once again under the prosecutor's spotlight, as his misdemeanour case currently being re-reviewed.

According to's Steven Marrocco, once police declined to file charges regarding the alleged assault of Jiu-Jitsu coach, Rodrigo Botti, city prosecutor Gregory S. Peterson decided to re-review the case after meeting with the victim.

"In misdemeanor offenses like this, the law allows us to prosecute what we refer to as a private filing," Peterson told MMAjunkie. "A private filing can be filed against any citizen that wants to bring a charge."

The incident in question began a month ago when Brown was accused of assaulting his former Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, Botti, who claimed that Brown damaged his eye with repeated blows.

However, approximately three weeks later, it was announced that the police had opted not to pursue charges due to a lack of evidence. Brown, who weeks later fought at UFC 185, was quick to defend his innocence.

"Yeah, he straight lied," Brown told when asked of an alleged incident. "Not even wrong, just straight lied with some of the stuff that he said in public."

Given that the prosecutor was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brown was guilty of the accusations, he opted to re-review the case with the supposed "additional evidence" that Botti has.

"[Botti] asked me to revisit the case to revisit some additional information, which I have agreed to do. So I don't know if it's re-opened, but I do consider it an active, ongoing investigation situation."

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