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Sexual assault charges against Lee Mein have been dismissed

Lee Mein, father of UFC fighter Jordan Mein, has had a sexual assault case against him dismissed by a court in Oklahoma.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

James Lee Mein, an MMA fighter and father of the UFC's Jordan Mein will not have to deal with the Oklahoma court system any longer. A sexual assault case against him has been dismissed after he pleaded not guilty to "outraging public decency" this week in a Tulsa court. This was preceded by a deferred sentence due to a plea agreement when his original felony charge of sexual battery was bumped down.

Due to the dismissal, his record will be expunged as well.

Top MMA News was the first to report the dismissal, and also got a statement from Mein's lawyer Jason Edge regarding the case being thrown out:

Mr. Mein (Lee) is finally able to put this nightmare behind him. He has maintained his innocence throughout and never once waivered - He simply did not commit this crime! It is sad when some people see a spotlight and are willing to throw false accusations against another innocent person. To be fair it should be noted that the accuser in this case is an ex-con who had just very recently been released from prison. The inconsistencies and improbabilities in her statements are astounding.

The felony charge against Lee was dismissed outright. In the end Lee maintained his innocence; he was found guilty of nothing; and all charges levied against him have been dismissed and expunged from his criminal record. Lee leaves this process just as innocent as he started it.

Mein, 47, has competed in MMA since 2000 and currently holds a 6-13 record.

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