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Khabib Nurmagomedov: Anthony Pettis was never a 'true champion', now he can 'go to the prelims'

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Khabib Nurmagomedov says Anthony Pettis was overrated by many, and that he can now go to the prelims after losing badly to Rafael dos Anjos.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been vocal on social media and on interviews about Anthony Pettis for quite some time now. He has predicted that Dos Anjos would beat him, and once it came true, he wasn't shy about telling everyone 'I told you so'.

He said as much in social media, but he also spoke about it in depth during a recent appearance at the MMA Hour:

"When I fight with Rafael dos Anjos, I feel he's very strong guy. But when I say (Dos Anjos will) smash Anthony Pettis, a lot of people say ‘Khabib says trash talk.'"

"But I feel this. You remember after UFC 181, I told you I want fight with Anthony Pettis? And you say, ‘What plan you have for Anthony Pettis?' I told you, 'move forward, push him, take him down, take him down easy'. I told you. Give him hard punch. Rafael dos Anjos make my plan with Anthony Pettis, and now I think a lot of people understand now, I am no trash talking. I say truth."

"I told you he's no true champion. I told you Dos Anjos can beat him, I can beat him, and a lot of fighters can beat him. But Dana White said he's pound-for-pound king, one of the greatest. His coaches said he's Mayweather of MMA. I think it's a joke. Now everybody understands who is who."

Apart from saying he never really considered Pettis as the real champion, Khabib also gave his thoughts on how they all stack up in the rankings.

"I think (Pettis is) top 10, maybe. I think a lot of people in lightweight can beat this guy. Dos Anjos, I, Cowboy, and Michael Johnson are top four in lightweight division. Now Anthony Pettis go to the prelims."

Listen to the entire interview on the clip above, where he also spoke about how 'Drunk Guy' Cerrone is a 'fake cowboy'. If the player above doesn't work, you can also watch it over at YouTube.