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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Johnny St. Pierre pleads his case

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I get no respect...

What's up fight fans? Welcome to another special edition of TTTHS brought to you by SB Nation! I'm the early-Simpsons episodes-where-everyone-looked-weird of mixed martial arts, Tommy Toe Hold! Today: Johny St. Pierre gets interrupted by competing headlines!

Johny Hendricks had one of the performances of his career this last Saturday against one of his toughest opponents Matt Brown. It should be his time in the lime light, but due to a series of decisions and fights where he has utilized wrestling over blasting someone's face into orbit, fans have started to complain about his style and compare him to the welterweight GOAT Georges St Pierre. So I thought it would be fun to combine Johny's signature hair line and beard with GSP's head and it's kinda eerie how well the whole thing lined up. Seriously, I didn't have to do much to make that work. Any since Johny will be competing with some other big news stories for the attention of the MMA community, I've given him a chance to plead his case.