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Eddie Bravo Invitational 3 - Submission only welterweight tournament preview

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Eddie Bravo is set to host his third submission only tournament and, much like Bravo himself, the event is a unique happening in the grappling world. The highlight of the night is a 16 man welterweight tournament featuring EBI Welterweight champion Garry Tonon.

The Eddie Bravo Invitational 3 is a submission only event taking place at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on March 22nd, with matches starting at 7pm/4pm ET/PT. The event will be streamed on online PPV through Budeovideos for $14.95.

The Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) is a relatively new event on the submission grappling scene. Founded by its namesake, the event seeks to find that elusive rule set that results in exciting, face-paced, and entertaining grappling. In that pursuit Bravo opted on limiting rules, making all submissions legal, giving competitors the biggest possible tool belt to win their bouts. Matches are ten minutes long, but being a tournament draws are not an option, so there are some very interesting overtime rules in place.

There are three overtime periods and in each overtime period both competitors are given a favorable position in turn and fight until one competitor scores a submission or an escape. A competitor scores a submission from the favorable position and then escapes from the poor position, he is declared the winner. If both competitors escape or submit they proceed to the next period and submission. At the end of three periods if there is no winner the total times of submissions and escapes is added together and the grappler with the fastest overall time wins.

So the rules create a metagame of constant attacking and then the $10,000 cash prize goes to the winner of the tournament, so there is action a plenty at EBI events.

The competitions use MMA weight classes, but does same-day weigh ins to avoid massive weight cutting. The competitor list for the Welterweight tournament is below, the entire thing is headlined by Garry Tonon, leg lock and funky grappling master and fast rising American grappling star.

Garry Tonon, Ocean County Jiu Jitsu - EBI Welterweight Champion, Metamoris and ADCC veteran

Darragh O'Conaill, Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu
Eddie Cummings, Renzo Gracie Academy - 2015 Gracie Nationals Super-Fight Champion
Enrico Cocco, Zen Jiu Jitsu/Fight Sports
Joey Hauss, Jean Jacques Machado Academy
Josh Hinger, Atos
Josh Valles, Gracie Barra Pasadena
Julio Cordova, Renzo Gracie Mexico
Karen Darabedyan, Gokor
Lauri Karppinen, 10th Planet Tampere
Marcelo Mafra, Checkmat - Brown Belt World Champion, 6-0 MMA Fighter, 2013 Pan Ams Silver Medalist
Matthew Secor, Spa City Jiu-Jitsu
Mike Padilla, Renzo Gracie Academy
Nathan Orchard, 10th Planet Portland - EBI Lightweight Silver Medalist
Richie Martinez, 10th Planet San Diego
Stephen Martinez, Millennia MMA

Here is the Welterweight bracket

EBI WW Bracket

The action starts at 4 pm PST and you can buy the PPV on Budovideos.

If you are unsure if the EBI is an event you want to watch, the first two events are free on YouTube. My suggestion is to start with Sergio Hernandez vs Jeff Glover, who came dressed as Wolverine, and watch Hernandez try to "out Glover" Glover, and it even features a Couture/Tito style spank.

As the current grappling scene continues to reject more limited rule sets in favor of open rule sets and more of the elite competitors seek professional competitions, the EBI is ideally positioned to grow into must watch grappling for both grappling and MMA fans.

Bloody Elbow will have full coverage of the EBI Welterweight tournament and live discussion thread!