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Tito Ortiz questions Anderson Silva’s UFC wins following positive drug test: It's bad all around

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Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz discusses Anderson Silva’s failed drug test and whether that would impact the former middleweight champion’s legacy in the sport.

Several months following the announcement of Anderson Silva's multiple failed drug tests at UFC 183, fighters continue to raise serious questions about the former longtime middleweight kingpin's legacy.

On January 9th, Silva failed a pre-fight a test for drostanolone and androstane but that was not announced until after the fight, when the Nevada Athletic Commission received them. Although he later passed a second pre-fight test, it was later revealed that the Brazilian also failed the UFC 183 post-fight drug test for drostanolone metabolites, as well as oxazepam, which is medication for anxiety and depression, and temazepam, an insomnia medication.

While Silva has spoken out numerously to confirm his innocence, that has not stopped fighters like Tito Ortiz from questioning Silva's reasons for using anabolic steroids.

"It made me scratch my head a couple of times like ‘Anderson, how can you do that?'" Ortiz told "I'm a huge fan of Anderson. That was too bad. I don't know what kind of thoughts he's getting from his training partners or from his trainers. Things like that (steroids), you shouldn't do them."

Ortiz, who has had surgery on his back, neck and both knees, did not buy into the excuse suggested by many, which was that Silva's consumption of banned substances was to help him along with his recovery.

"I've had major surgeries and you just have to work hard on your mind. How much better would Diaz have done if (Silva) wasn't on it? Diaz put on a great fight, but it made me scratch my head."

When asked whether this would bring into question Silva's legacy, as well as his past wins in the UFC, Ortiz was certain that would be the case.

"Of course, without question. (I question it) a little bit. It's bad all around; bad for him, bad for the sport, and bad for the UFC. You've got to put reprimands on guys like that - make them pay for it."