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Anthony Pettis suffers concussion, receives 7 stitches on his eyebrow after UFC 185

Anthony Pettis losing to Rafael dos Anjos was the big shocker of UFC 185. Not just that he lost, but how he lost was so astonishing. Here's an update on his injuries.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday definitely wasn't Anthony Pettis' night. Right at the beginning of his second lightweight title defense at UFC 185, he got hit with a hard left to the eye by Rafael dos Anjos. A shot that Pettis says impaired his vision for the rest of the fight. Between rounds, fans could hear him telling his corner that he had problems seeing out of his right eye, he later repeated that in the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

Fighting one-eyed resulted in arguably the worst beating that Anthony Pettis has ever received. At the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White shed some light upon the current condition of the former champion.

"He got stitches on his eyebrow. Not a bad cut. He got seven stitches, and he's got a concussion," UFC president Dana White revealed on the UFC 185 Post-Show on FOX Sports 1. "He said after he got hit with that first shot he wasn't feeling right for the rest of the fight."

(Transcription via Yahoo Sports)

White also added, that he would have never believed, that "anybody could do that to Anthony Pettis". There is no word as of right now, when Pettis will return to the Octagon.