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Tweets of the Day: Ben Askren still calling out and making fun of Johny Hendricks

Ben Askren was at UFC 185, and he is still making fun of Johny Hendricks.

Marlene Karas-USA TODAY Sports

On every single Johny Hendricks fight as of late, Ben Askren has tried to take shots at his fellow champion wrestler. He has constantly called out the former UFC champ both on twitter and in arenas during events, and the same happened during UFC 185.

Askren was in the venue to corner the Pettis brothers, and prior to Hendricks' bout against Matt Brown, the Olympic wrestler made time to poke fun of his former rival in wrestling again:

Hendricks went on to defeat Matt Brown by taking him down over and over and working him on the ground. Askren then turned the tables and commented on his 'lay and pray':

Although they haven't exactly faced the same level of competition as of late, Hendricks hasn't won by stoppage in almost 3 years, while Askren has finished his last 4 bouts in smaller promotions.