Pettis vs. Dos Anjos-Striking analysis video podcast, The Clinch #15

Hey guys. Before Anthony Pettis and Rafael Dos Anjos go at it tonight, check out the first video podcast we shot where we break down the striking techniques of both fighters. We discuss Pettis' evolution from an elusive pot-shotter to a solid kickboxer and Dos Anjos' formidable pressure fighting. If you find yourself daydreaming about the nitty gritty details of stand-up fighting, you'll definitely enjoy our show. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel here and visit our website here. We're always open to your feedback on the show. Thank you!

Here's a timeline of the topics we discuss in the episode.

3:00-Analyzing Anthony Pettis vs. Gilbert Melendez
9:00-Countering taller opponents
12:00-Analyzing Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Benson Henderson
20:40-Pettis' opposite stance striking/kicks
24:30-Pettis' growth as a striker since the WEC
30:20-Pettis adapting taekwondo for MMA
32:50-Rafael Cordeiro, Dos Anjos' coach, striking confidence
37:30-Pettis' improved head movement
41:10-Pettis' outside vs. inside angle tactics
51:50-Johny Hendricks vs. Matt Brown preview
55:35-Alistair Overeem vs. Roy Nelson preview
1:00:00-Breaking a fighter's spirit

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