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Jose Aldo teases announcement following title bout against Conor McGregor

A move to lightweight? Super-fight? Jose Aldo says his next move is already planned and will be announcing it right after he beats Conor McGregor.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Dominant featherweight champion Jose Aldo has held his title for over 5 years. He has had 9 straight title defenses, and has beaten all comers. He will face Conor McGregor this July, but it looks like he already has planned his next move. He teased an announcement while talking to in Brazil:

"I have a tough fight with McGregor, and that´s my goal now. After that fight, you will know what is gonna happen. The UFC knows, I know, and everything is already set."

"As soon as I beat McGregor, you will know what´s gonna be my next step."

People would naturally assume he's talking about a super-fight, but according to Aldo, he doesn't expect any of the two American champions close to his weight to win their next title bouts:

"It would be a dream to unify belts in other divisions, but Renan Barao is in his prime now and will beat him. As far as unifying belts in other divisions, I made that request many times but it was never granted. I would deserve that first," Aldo joked.

... "Rafael is showing a great evolution lately, and I believe he has the tools to beat Pettis," Aldo said. "I really expect that, because Brazil never had a champion in that division."

Aldo came very close to facing Anthony Pettis in the past. It never pushed through, but it came close enough that the UFC announced that the match up was a done deal last year. If it's not a super-fight, maybe it's just a permanent move up in division now that he's growing into his frame?

It's obviously all just speculation at this point, but if he does leave featherweight, what happens to top contenders like Frankie Edgar? After all, 'The Answer' recently told us that while a drop down to bantamweight is 'doable', his main goal is getting Aldo's belt.