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UFC 185 Video: Embedded, Ep 5 - 'I will take the smile out of her face'

Watch the fifth episode of UFC 185 Embedded.

One day before UFC 185, the fifth episode of the Embedded series has been released, and it is certainly an interesting one.

At the beginning, you'll see a UFC champion like never before: Carla Esparza is chatting to her make-up artist, while getting her look done before the official pre-fight press conference. She seems a bit concerned with the harsh trash talk coming from her challenger Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Jedrzejczyk gets the same make-up treatment, but is more concerned with how she will look at Esparza when it comes to the staredown. And well, as you can see later, the staredown was indeed fairly intense.

Even behind the stage Jedrzejczyk continued to bully the champion, asking her why she "keeps smiling" all the time and telling her to "go away." Esparza clearly felt uncomfortable in the situation.

Jedrzejczyk later stated that she was upset because the champion stole her signature forefinger-up victory gesture on stage and that she will "take the smile out of her face" in return.

Very intense stuff. Watch the video above.

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