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Chris Cariaso on Henry Cejudo: 'If he wants to fight me, he better make weight'

UFC 185's Chris Cariaso said in an interview that he will not fight Henry Cejudo if Cejudo doesn't make the flyweight limit.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Cariaso is making a stance that most fighters won't - he's saying that his UFC 185 opponent Henry Cejudo has to make the flyweight limit, or he's not going to fight on Saturday night. The veteran made it clear in an interview with MMA Junkie that his opponent has never made 126 in the past but he better make it this time:

You know, the whole camp I was like 'is he going to make weight?' He's never made weight at 125, even fighting in the regional shows he's never made 125. When it comes down to it, he better make weight. If he wants to fight me, he better make weight."

When asked how he would react if he found out Cejudo was at 130 before the weigh-ins and couldn't make it, he was blunt with his response:

"I'd tell him, well, he better start f**king running or something."


"You have one job to do, and your job is to make weight, get to the fight, and compete. I’ve done it every single time. I bust my ass every single time to do it, and he has to do the same thing."

For his part, Cejudo said all the weight questions are getting tiring, but he deserves them.

"I'm freakin' tired of it. I think I'd rather do steroids!" he joked.

Remember, you still have time to bet on Cejudo making weight as well if that's your thing. The weigh-ins go down today at 5pm ET/2pm PT.