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Rampage Jackson's Bellator contract included potential Roy Jones Jr. pay-per-view boxing match

Quinton Jackson's Bellator MMA contract did include a previously reported deal where "Rampage" would fight boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. on a pay-per-view.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember back in 2013 when Bellator's signing of Quinton Jackson reportedly had a deal in place where he would fight Roy Jones Jr. in a year-end pay-per-view? No? Y'all musta forgot! That was the plan reported by MMA Junkie back then, and they wanted to go head-to-head with UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva 2. This never materialized, as Bellator ended up booking him against Tito Ortiz for their first (failed) attempt at a pay-per-view.

Now that Bellator has taken Rampage to court, citing a failure to fulfill the remaining three fights on his deal before re-signing with the UFC late last year, details of his contract are now being revealed. MMA Junkie's Steven Marocco obtained the contract and confirmed an option for a possible boxing pay-per-view against Roy Jones Jr.

The contract specified that Bellator could convert Jackson’s second pay-per-view bout into a boxing match "in lieu of an MMA bout," and that Jones could be an opponent.

Jackson stood to profit handsomely from a fight with Jones. The contract said the ex-UFC champ would take home one-third (33.3 percent) of the net profits from an event in which he fought the ex-boxing champ.

Previous details of Rampage's Bellator deal included an assortment of perks, including a 2013 Tesla Sport, $140,000 to do his Rampage 4 Real series on Spike TV, and a possible film deal.

According to Bellator president Scott Coker, Rampage's decision to leave the promotion was caused by stalled contract renegotiations following his pay-per-view main event win over King Mo last May. Jackson is currently scheduled to face Fabio Maldonado at UFC 186 on April 25th, but a Bellator injunction is looking to block that fight and bring Rampage back to their promotion for the remainder of his contract.

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