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‘Superhero’ Phoenix Jones signs with WSOF

Seattle "superhero" Phoenix Jones has signed with World Series of Fighting and will debut for the promotion next month at WSOF 20

Ben Fodor was a rising MMA star, before a robbery involving his son forced him to reevaluate his future and decide to take up a different fighting path. Instead of fighting opponents in the cage, Fodor decided to fight crime in his neighborhood as his newly invented alter ego, "Phoenix Jones".

Phoenix Jones' pursuit of enforcing justice on the streets of Seattle has received a mixed reception. On one hand, a certain proportion of Seattle residents see the superhero as a welcome help in the battle against crime, but members of the Seattle's law enforcement have had a different opinion of Jones, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes stated that Jones wasn't a welcome addition to the state's battle against crime:

"Mr. Fodor is no hero, just a deeply misguided individual."

In 2013, Fodor returned to the world of mixed martial arts, turning professional and amassing a record of 5-0-1 over the following year. It's a streak that has earned him a lot of attention including a short documentary with SportsCenter which chronicled his story so far. It seems that Fodor's SportsCenter appearance earned him a lot of attention as yesterday he tweeted out that he had been offered a contract by every MMA organisation he could think of.

According to Fodor has elected to sign with Ray Sefo's World Series of Fighting and will debut at WSOF 20 which goes down on April 10 in Conneticut. No opponent has been named at this time, but one is expected to be announced shortly.

Ben Fodor is no stranger to the world of mixed martial arts having competed as an amateur throughout 2006-2010 and will be looking to replicate his brother Caros' pro career, which saw him put together a successful stint in Strikeforce before signing up to fight in the UFC .

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