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Video: Gina Carano says Ronda Rousey is 'a beautiful athlete'

MMA's first sweetheart, Gina Carano, compliments current women's bantamweight champ, Ronda Rousey and other members of the female BW roster.

Ronda Rousey accomplished the impossible just a few short years ago when she captured the attention of the UFC and ushered in the female ranks of their roster of athletes. Since then, she's beaten every opponent put in front of her, finishing them all in impressive fashion.

Before Ronda, there was another "face" of women's MMA and that lovely visage belongs to former Strikeforce star Gina Carano. Her professional fighting career only spanned three years, but she captured the attention and hearts of hardcore and casual fans alike in that short time.

These days, she's doing big-budget movies that don't require her getting punched in the face, but the community still holds out hope that she will one day return for the right fight, a hope that is occasionally fueled whenever she is spotted at an event or in a gym. The UFC has reached out a few times in an effort to get her on board for a superfight with Rousey, but without any success.

Recently, MMA Weekly posted a video interview of Gina, who has been keeping up with the ladies of the sport. In a transcription provided by MMA Mania, she states,

"It's insane ... she's a beautiful athlete and there's so much respect there and I wish her all the best," Carano said. "And I hope Cat Zingano gets another chance at the UFC [title]."

She went on to offer a kind word for newcomers Holly Holm and Raquel Pennington, who were each other's opponents in the co-main event of the UFC 184 card.

Call me crazy, but I prefer seeing Gina on the silver screen rather than in the Octagon. Regardless of what she does, I will always root for her success.

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