Jorge Patino still feels great at 41, wants to fight six times in 2015

One of the biggest veterans in Brazilian MMA, Jorge Patino still isn’t done at 41.

In fact, "Macaco" is just coming from a KO win for Real Fight’s lightweight belt against Sérgio Moraes in December, but he told Portal do Vale Tudo he still yearns to fight six more times in 2015.

"I’m addicted to MMA. This is what I do and I love it. The year has begun again and I wish to fight at least six times and maybe get my hands on two more belts. I’m coming from a couple of good wins (against Eric Reynolds and Sérgio Soares) and am ready to go again in April, June, May, all the way to December. They just need to call me"

Back in his hometown of São Paulo, Patino is also working on preparing fellow prospects Allan "Puro Osso" Nascimento and Thomas Almeida ready for their bouts against Bruno Azevedo and Yves Jabouin at XFC and in the UFC, respectively.

"It’s good to be back here with my family and friends. These guys always helped me before so I came down from the USA to help them in return. We’re a family here at Chute Boxe and all these victories are great for the team".

Known for great battles in the past against other famous veterans of the sport, Patino says there’s still a will to face other big names and there’s a specific one he wants to rematch: Jose "Pelé" Landi-Jons, who beat him twice in a row back in 1996 and 1997.

"I was supposed to fight Johil de Oliveira but he got injured and so I fought Sérgio Moraes instead. That’s a fight I still want because we’re two of the pioneers of the sport in São Paulo. I don’t think Pelé wants to fight me again, unfortunately, I guess he wants to take those wins to the grave. I’m not trying to diminish him or be a hypocrite, but if he still wants to do it, I’m ready, all they have to do is match us up".

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