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UFC 184: Holm vs. Pennington full fight video highlights

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Watch the UFC 184 co-main event highlights between Holly Holm and Raquel Pennington.

Prior to the title fight that headlined the UFC 184 PPV event, two other women's bantamweight competitors stepped out into the octagon for the evening's co-main event of the evening.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the fight:

Pennington's outside low kick lands with the foot. And another. Holm leads with a left to the body. Holm catches Pennington with a right uppercut and a left hook. Now it's a clean left hook for Holm followed by another left cross to the body. Lead-leg hook kick for Holm. Pennington lands a sharp right that bobs Holm's head back. Nice counter right from Pennington, who blocks the follow-up high kick. Pennington now using short angles to counter Holm's incessant flurries and it's opening up opportunities.

Pennington shellacks Holm with a monster right hand that drops her, but Holm pops back up and lands a knee in the clinch. Pennington shoots a takedown and Holm stuffs it and wings a high kick. Pennington lands a counter right. And another. Make it three. Now it's a left hand and it bloodies Holm's nose. Pennington scores with a straight left in the closing exchange. 10-9 Pennington. I have it 29-28 Holm.