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Georges St-Pierre on PEDs and a potential octagon return

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre talks about PEDs and ends all speculation about him making a return to MMA in 2015.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre  has always been vocal about his disdain for MMA's performance enhancing drugs pandemic but even the welterweight kingpin couldn't have predicted the shocking revelation of Anderson Silva's failed drug test.

While speaking to Le Journal de Montreal St-Pierre spoke about his shock at Silva's failed test but also stated that he feels it is not his place to speak out against fighters that he suspects are taking performance enhancing drugs.

"I’m not a rat and I’ll never go public and name names to reporters. My only hope is that we deal with this [PED] problem, I hope if one thing comes out of this, it’s that testing will be done more stringently," GSP said.

However, it seems St-Pierre isn't optimistic that the PED pandemic is coming to an end any time soon, "I really don’t know [if this will prompt the UFC to increase out-of-competition drug testing],Maybe nothing will change. It depends on a lot of people," he added.

For the Quebec native the increase in prevalence of performance enhancers has been a decided factor in his self imposed exile from the Octagon, when asked last year what he felt the most negative trend in mixed martial arts was he said, "the most negative trend is the use of PEDs in the sport. A true martial artist must respect his opponent and fight clean."

While Dana White has tried and failed to get St-Pierre to return for UFC 186 the fighter insists any rumors of his return are false, "I think some journalists should re-check the credibility of their sources," he laughed.

Georges St. Pierre last appeared at UFC 167 in December, 2013 taking a close split decision victory over Johny Hendricks.