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Jim Alers: 'Idiot' Conor McGregor 'doesn't have the power that Aldo does'

Jim Alers and Conor McGregor have never gotten along, so when asked about the Irishman's chances against Jose Aldo, the answer was quite predictable.

Dolly Clews/Cage Warriors

Conor McGregor and Jim Alers just don't get along. Before McGregor and Alers were both racking off wins in the UFC's octagon, the pair were both dominating in Cage Warriors and in 2012 it looked set that the pair would settle their differences in the cage. But the fight was scraped and Alers was replaced by Ivan Buchinger.

December 31, 2012 served as Conor McGregor's coming out party - the Dubliner landed a picture perfect knockout and  was almost immediately signed up by the UFC while Alers remained in Cage Warriors. He won the title that McGregor vacated, but McGregor remained unimpressed by the American's talents when many were calling for the UFC to sign Alers. McGregor was quite clear with his opinion.

The mutual disdain has continued into 2015, while speaking to Scotland's Daily Record today Alers didn't hold back his feelings toward McGregor.

'I really wanted the fight at first but to be honest I couldn’t care less now. He is a smart guy for talking his way to the top and getting fights that were tailored towards him. Is he an amazing striker? I believe so. Can he last in the octagon against a powerful wrestler? We are not sure yet. Do I think he is a idiot? Yes, yes I do!'

I later asked Alers to elaborate on his statements in the Daily Record and who he favored between Aldo and McGregor:

' I think McGregor and Aldo is a great match up. McGregor doesn't have the power that Aldo does but he has great accuracy and reach. Aldo has perfect technique and power. I give the advantage to Aldo he has fought the best of the best.'

Alers returns from an extended absence next weekend, February 14th, when he faces Chas Skelly at UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch.

'It feels good to be back, the cage is where I belong and when I'm away for to long I feel lost. It will be like returning home after a very long boring business trip. Skelly is a different type of fighter, he is a tough wrestler who is pretty big for 145lbs, he likes to use his takedown to go for his rear naked choke. It's kinda funny because that pretty much my whole game. I think it will be a fun fight.'