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Scott Coker: 'You want to try boxing? Feel free'

John S. Nash paid a visit last week to Bellator MMA headquarters to ask Scott Coker a wide range of questions including if he'd let his fighters box now that Premier Boxing Champions is going to be on Spike TV and how he measures success for the promotion.

Last week we paid a visit to the Bellator MMA headquarters in Santa Monica, California for a sit down with the promotion's president, Scott Coker. We also brought along some cameras to record the conversation.

During our chat we had a chance to ask him a wide range of questions, including how he and Viacom would measure success for Bellator.

I think there's three things and I think that we've already accomplished three of them already. One is putting the best fighters - putting great fight on. Two: delivering ratings. And then three is putting butts in seats. And that's our report card

Are we putting great fights on that fans want to see? Are we getting great ratings on Spike TV? Are we putting butts in seats because fans want to see these fights?

And maybe the fourth thing that is kind of out there when I think of about Bellator: is it getting the respect that it deserves now compared to a year ago? And I think there's been a big climate change in the perception of Bellator, and the direction were heading I think people are pleased with it. It's a good thing. It's a good time for Bellator.

In addition to Bellator and Glory, Spike TV has also recently added Al Haymon's Premier Boxing Champions to its family of combat sports. We've already seen some crossover between the kickboxing and MMA brands, with fighters like Joe Schilling and Melvin Manhoef competing in both sports. Will we soon see some Bellator fighters try their hand at the sweet science? According to Scott, it may be a possibility.

I've had three of our fighters and i don't want to mention their names contact me and say "I want to get a boxing fight. And I'm like are you serious? And they're like yeah. And I said alright, Let me talk to Spike. I have no problem letting them do it. If you want to try it boxing, feel free. Love to have you try it.

Watch the rest of the interview, where he discusses a wide range of subjects including the possible return of Japanese MMA, if their needs to be an Ali Act for MMA, and share stories from about Bob Sapp and Herschel Walker.

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