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Report: UFC releases Johnny Bedford, Dustin Kimura, and Jianping Yang

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The proverbial UFC pink slip has apparently been handed out to three more fighters.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Disclaimer: This information is all based on updates to the lists of active fighters. Profiles will very likely still exist for each fighter as the UFC retains a database of all former competitors, but these fighters no longer appear on the UFC roster lists themselves. It often takes a day or so for roster changes to become apparent, so some fighters may still remain listed for the short term. All information in this post is gained through UFCFIGHTERSiNFO, a twitter account that uses a ruby script to check the UFC's website for changes.

It looks like the UFC is doing some more roster trimming. In addition to previously announced cuts of Tom Niinimaki, Sean Soriano, and Alexis Dufresne, three more fighters have had their profiles removed from the UFC's database. Unofficially gone are TUF 14 alum Johnny Bedford, TUF China finalist Jianping Yang, and bantamweight veteran Dustin Kimura.

Again, none of these new cuts has be confirmed by UFC officials, but typically when fighter profiles are removed from the database, it's an indication that they've been axed.

Bedford won his first two UFC fights are losing in the semifinals of TUF 14, but he's since gone on a run of zero wins out of his last four. His last loss was a submission defeat against Rani Yahya, who fought to a no-contest in their first fight in April 2014.

Jianping reached the featherweight final of TUF China before losing a dreadfully boring decision to Guangyou Ning. This decision was apparently made awhile ago, as he's fought in different promotions in his last two fights dating back to last October.

Finally, Kimura leaves the UFC with a record of 2-3, following back-to-back losses to George Roop and Henry Cejudo. The Hawaiian's release comes as a little bit of a surprise considering how often fighters stave off releases with records similar to his, but at just 25 years old he could easily be back with the promotion with some good wins elsewhere.

There is one more noteworthy release that was likely made several months back. TUF 11 cast member Nick Ring is scheduled to compete in an Alberta-based promotion, indicating that he's no longer with the UFC. Ring had lost 3 of his last 4 inside the Octagon, including a decision loss to Caio Magalhaes in December 2013.