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Just Business: Fighters suing the UFC

In the aftermath of multiple class action lawsuits being filed against the UFC and their parent company firing back, Kid Nate brings in MMA business specialists John S. Nash and Brian D'Souza to discuss the case.

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In the last couple of months several fighters represented by powerful law firms have filed law suits alleging they were victimized by the UFC's business practices. The UFC's parent company Zuffa has retained some of America's top anti-trust attorneys and filed a series of counter-claims.

While we wait for the courtroom dramas to play out, Bloody Elbow's Kid Nate called in John S. Nash and Brian D'Souza, author of Pound for Pound: The Modern Gladiators of Mixed Martial Arts, to discuss the case.

Key questions discussed include:

  • What's motivating these suits? Do they appear to have merit or will they likely be immediately thrown out?
  • Why is the UFC motioning to have the cases heard in Nevada?
  • What's a monopsony?
  • Are the fighters paying for these suits out of their own pocket?
  • Who's organizing the fighters behind the scenes?
  • Why have no active UFC fighters joined the suit?
  • Where are MMA managers in all this?

And much much more. Enjoy!

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