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Ben Askren on CM Punk's progress: 'I don't see why he can't compete'

As a training partner of CM Punk, Askren only has good things to say.

Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

It sounds like early reports on CM Punk's training at Roufusport are very postitive. At least, if Ben Askren is to be believed. Askren spoke to MMAJunkie about what he's seen so far, training with the former pro-wrestler, saying that "[CM Punk] comes in, works hard every single day."

"When someone decides to come into the UFC and they don't have a combat sports background, you're kind of thinking, does he really understand what he's getting into?" Askren told MMAjunkie. "But I think he gets it. I think he's taking it very seriously."
"I don't see why he can't compete," Askren said.

As of yet, no official debut date, or opponent has been lined up for Punk. He reportedly started training out of Roufusport back in late December, so it's still very early days in his path toward a professional MMA career and his first UFC fight. Askren did comment on a potential first opponent for him however, saying "they're not going to start him off against one of the higher-ranked guys," but that "there will be someone good."