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GLORY 19: Holzken tells champ Valtellini 'I'm coming for you'

Nieky ‘The Natural’ Holzken won the GLORY 13 TOKYO welterweight tournament in December 2013 and expected to be crowned as GLORY’s first 170lb/77kg champion. But in January 2014 he was in a car accident and suffered a shoulder injury which sidelined him for much of the rest of the year. Now he’s back in action and he wants that title belt around his waist.

While he was away from competition the belt went first to Marc de Bonte and then to ‘Bazooka' Joe Valtellini, who won a decision over De Bonte at GLORY 17/LAST MAN STANDING. This was particularly galling for Holzken as it was Valtellini he had beaten to win the GLORY 13 TOKYO tournament in the first place.

Holzken considers himself the rightful champion of the division. Valtellini disagrees, pointing out that tournaments and straightforward title fights are two very different things.

Tonight Holzken fights in the GLORY 19 Welterweight Contender Tournament, live in the US on SPIKE TV at 9pm ET. He faces Alexander Stetcurenko in the semi-finals while the other bracket has Raymond ‘Real Deal' Daniels against Jonathan Oliveira of Brazil.

Whoever wins the tournament gets a title shot. Holzken plans on it being him. "I'm coming for you Joe," he tells Bloody Elbow in this video interview. "But first I've got to beat these two guys."