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Mike Dolce on Johny Hendricks: You don't deserve to beat guys if you're not living their lifestyle

Famed nutritionist Mike Dolce delves into Johny Hendricks’ weight problems and how that has affected his recent fights.

Mike Dolce has not doubt that Johny Hendricks should have beaten Robbie Lawler back at UFC 181, but the former champs weight issues made the fight more difficult than necessary.

According to the nutrition expert, Hendricks allow himself to "balloon up" between fights with the assumption that Dolce could magically bring him back down to the necessary weight ahead of fights.

"Johny Hendricks has such problems with his weigh-ins, because he balloons up in the offseason," Dolce said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "He carries too much body fat. It's extremely unhealthy to dehydrate the muscles, where you can't dehydrate the body fat. So it comes out of all the vital areas of the body and that causes all these poor performances."

That was certainly the case at UFC 181. It was clear during weigh ins that Hendricks was suffering, yet it was only on fight night that fans witnessed just how lethargic the former champion was with his movements.

According to Dolce, the problem is simple: If Hendricks was not willing to maintain the proper dietary regimen ahead of fights, he did not deserve to beat fighters who did.

"You don't deserve to beat these guys if you're not living the same lifestyle," Dolce said. "Talent and a hard punch is only gonna get you so far. You gotta earn the victory long before the fight."

While Dolce appeared harsh with his comments towards Hendricks, he added a few positive comments discussing Johny's chances against Matt Brown.

"Johny is a champion, man," Dolce said. "You can't count a kid like Johny Hendricks out. Look at his body of work. Look at what he's done. Look at his [Georges St-Pierre] fight. I think he manhandled GSP. How do you count out a kid like Johny Hendricks, who is a born winner?"

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