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Tweet of the Day: Diego Sanchez gets surgery on broken collar bone (GRAPHIC)

Diego Sanchez posted a graphic photo from his surgery to repair a broken collar bone. I hope you aren't eating when you click on this post.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure how many warnings I can give before you scroll down to the gruesome photo, because it really is nasty. Long time UFC fighter Diego Sanchez broke his collar bone during training on January 26th and he had a successful surgery to repair it. I'm not quite sure why, but the original Ultimate Fighter winner also decided to post a photo of of the said surgery while he was opened up.

Check out the photo below:

According to Sanchez, he broke his clavicle in training when he took a knee as he shot for a double leg takedown. He says full recovery is expected to be around 16 weeks.

Here's how Sanchez looked after surgery as he recently made an appearance at a WWE event: