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Andre Pederneiras says Brazilian fighters don't like to hype themselves

Nova Uniao head coach says that selling fights and cards is still a new thing for Brazilians.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Pederneiras admits that he's having a hard time "teaching" his fighters to be more marketable. The Nova Uniao leader warned last year that he would start pushing his students to promote fights and one day later Jose Aldo shoved Chad Mendes in a staredown. However, "Dede" told Ag. Fight that this kind of fight promotion isn't natural of them.

"It's something to learn. They were told their whole lives to respect their opponent, be polite. Japanese style. But America's culture is different. They want to see a show and you have to adapt. It isn't a quick thing. Brazilians don't like to say some kinds of things, that's why many of them don't adapt."

The UFC Featherweight champion, at least, seems to be getting the message, according to Pederneiras.

"I believe that Aldo is going to be more and more comfortable with fight promotion."

Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor is scheduled for the main event of UFC 189, on July 11. The card will take place during International Fight Week, hosted yearly by the UFC. One of the most anticipated parts is expected to be the promotion of Aldo's bout with Conor McGregor, if for no other reason than McGregor's savvy ability to create hype.