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Michael Bisping: Anderson Silva's legacy is ruined, Who's to say that he hasn't been doing this his entire career?

Michael Bisping says that Anderson Silva's legacy is ruined by his steroid test failure.

In a recent interview, Michael Bisping detailed his thoughts on Anderson Silva testing positive for anabolic steroids. Long considered as the greatest of all time by many, Bisping says there will forever be questions about the legitimacy of Silva's reign, and that tarnishes his legacy:

"When I read the news, I was in utter disbelief... He tested positive for not just one, but two illegal substances. My initial reaction was sadness, disappointment. I was disappointed in Anderson, but then I thought about it and was like 'Hold on a minute, this doesn't surprise me at all'."

"I just am so good and naive. I really am. I used to assume that everybody out there was doing it the old fashioned way -- doing it the way that I do it. And the more and more it comes out, the more I realize that people don't. People are looking for shortcuts. People are looking to cheat."

"Anderson, I believe this was the first time he was tested out of competition. So who's to say that he hasn't been doing this his entire career? That's the question that is always going to be asked. His legacy is ruined."

Bisping feels that the test failures not only damage Silva's decorated career, it also hurts the sport as well:

"Shocked. Not shocked. It's a sad day for mixed martial arts. It's a sad day for the UFC, for the fans. For guys like myself, it's particularly sad."

"Both guys in the main event failed their drug tests. It leaves a black mark in the sport. I can only imagine how pissed off Dana and Lorenzo would be. They worked so hard to promote a fantastic sport, but the individuals involved in it are unfortunately looking for an easy way out."

"It saddens me, and it pisses me off."