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Michael Bisping on Nick Diaz's numerous marijuana test failures: 'You can't fake stupid'

Michael Bisping wanted to fight Nick Diaz after his loss to Anderson Silva, but any plans of that are likely dead on the water after Nick's failed marijuana test.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Michael Bisping went on the record with Rick J. Lee, and apart from talking about Anderson Silva ruining his legacy, he also spoke about Nick Diaz. It was his third bout in Nevada where he failed drug tests for Marijuana, and he also failed numerous pre-fight drug tests during the lead up to UFC 183.

What does Bisping think of all this? Well as you may know, the popular Brit isn't one to mince words:

After the fight, I sent out a very respectful tweet that if he wants to fight after the C.B. Dollaway fight, I would like to get in there with him. I think it would do great business.

Obviously, he's failed another marijuana test, and that's three. Nick Diaz, he likes to smoke weed. What can I say? Maybe the guy has anxiety issues, who knows? You can't fake stupid, what are you going to do?

Here's the earlier tweets he mentioned where he says he wanted to fight Diaz:

Diaz will be part of an upcoming disciplinary hearing for the failed tests. With the increased threshold for Marijuana metabolites still leading to several failed pre-fight tests along with his third strike on failing post-fight drug tests, Diaz likely isn't going to be allowed to fight anytime soon.

Not that he likely would want to return soon anyway as he's already hinting at retirement again, but at least he got to pocket a nice $500,000 payday for his efforts.