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Moxon: “With Mike Tyson ringside, I’ll be on fire against Ristie”

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Moxon is a big puncher from Down Under and this Friday he will be stepping into the ring at GLORY Superfight Series 19 to face Andy ‘The Machine’ Ristie in a lightweight (155lbs/70kgs) showdown. Sat ringside will be Moxon’s lifelong idol ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. The boxing icon once nearly competed in kickboxing himself and he will be taking a guest commentator role for the heavyweight title fight at the end of the evening.

Steve Moxon meets Andy 'The Machine' Ristie at GLORY Superfight Series 19 on Friday
Steve Moxon meets Andy 'The Machine' Ristie at GLORY Superfight Series 19 on Friday
Peter Ristevski, Geelong Advertiser

Not long after this call takes place Moxon will be boarding a 30-hour flight from Australia to Virginia, USA, so as soon as he's done talking to Bloody Elbow he'll be heading out on a long run in order to get some last-minute physical activity before he is confined to a small chair for over a day.

It's one of the pitfalls of being a top international kickboxer based in Australia - if you have to travel for a fight, you're likely to be traveling pretty far indeed. Thailand and Japan are reasonably close but Europe and the US require the kind of airtime which makes grown men weep.

Moxon is flying to the US to face Andy ‘The Machine' Ristie in the main event of the GLORY SuperFight Series 19 card, which takes place this Friday, February 6 and airs via an online PPV stream prior to the GLORY 19: VERHOEVEN vs. ZIMMERMAN main card (which comes as part of the stream PPV but can also be watched live on Spike TV in the US).

"I'm up for any challenge, that's what I pride myself on. So I said yeah, lets do it," Moxon says of the phone call which offered him the fight a few weeks ago. "I just beat Aikpracha Meenyathon, who is ranked at #5, so that's a good start to the year.

"Andy Ristie isn't the only big name guy I have faced so he's just another challenge in my way and anything can happen in the ring. Ristie is ranked #1 right now but I have total self-belief and I have the power to stop anyone, as I have proved several times before."

Ristie has been a force of nature since debuting at GLORY 2 BRUSSELS with a quick stoppage of the overmatched Nordin Ben-Moh. Following that he went on a tear which culminated in his stopping Giorgio Petrosyan and Robin van Roosmalen back-to-back in the lightweight tournament at GLORY 12 NEW YORK.

In March 2014, Ristie faced Davit Kiria for the vacant world lightweight title and it was assumed he would take the win with ease. But Kiria, a black belt in Ashihara, possibly the world's most extreme and masochistic karate style, turned out to be tougher than anybody could ever have expected.

He endured three rounds of hell, forcing Ristie to gas out. The tables turned in the fourth round and in the fifth round Kiria knocked him out to complete one of the most amazing comebacks in fight sport history.

Ristie bounced back from that with a quick stoppage of Ky Hollenbeck at GLORY 17 LOS ANGELES in June last year. He now has a reputation as a certified killer, but Moxon cautions anybody against thinking that this fight will be similar.

"My fitness is always really good, I am always fight-ready. I'm fit; I know that Ristie got tired at the end of the Kiria fight so if I work hard he is going to have to work hard to keep up. It's always the survival of the fittest in there," he says.

"You just have to weather that initial storm from a guy like Ristie. But I don't plan on weathering a storm anyway - I am either going to be there going toe-to-toe or outside range moving around. You have to break his rhythm.

"He is a very confident fighter, very unorthodox and very strong. Despite being unorthodox he does have a rhythm and that can be broken. If I can upset that I can stop him getting his confidence up and that's the way to beat him."

This Friday's GLORY event has ‘Iron' Mike Tyson ringside and performing special guest commentator duties. That's a big inspiration for Moxon, who with his stocky build and power-punching style has taken a lot from watching Tyson fights.

"That's giving me an extra spur of energy knowing that he will be there watching, because he is an idol of mine," he beams. "With Iron Mike Tyson ringside, I am going to be on fire."

Watch Moxon's fight with Ristie via the live online HD pay-per-view stream right here at Bloody Elbow. Click here for details.