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Video: Chris Weidman would like Anderson Silva to retire, says he doesn't deserve title shot

Chris Weidman says Anderson Silva didn't look impressive against Nick Diaz, and would rather see him retire with a win.

Chris Weidman appeared at the MMA Hour and was candid as he spoke about Anderson Silva's UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz. The UFC middleweight champ says that the MMA fan in him would rather see Silva retire off a victory:

"Being the champion, I know this ends up going further than I'd even want my comments to go, because my opinion, I don't think, really matters that much and I don't want it to weigh on him at all," Weidman said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "But me as a fan, if I'm just a normal person, I want to see him done.

"As Chris Weidman, as me, it's a big money fight, a third fight eventually. But I'd really just like to see him retire. I think he's got a great family, he's got five kids, he's made a lot of money, he has a great legacy. He just won a fight. I wouldn't mind seeing him retire on a ‘W'."

While Weidman reiterated how much he respected the long time UFC champ, he did say that he wasn't all that impressed with his last showing:

"In the fight, you know, I'm happy that he came back. He was healthy, he was able to go out there and get a W. But do I think he looked impressive? No. I don't think he's what everybody thought Anderson would look like and what he could do to Nick Diaz. There was a lot going against him with the leg injury, it didn't seem like he was kicking the legs as much as he usually could. But, you know, I don't know. I don't think he deserves a title shot. There's a lot of other guys that I think are better than him right now."

Weidman may receive some flack for being honest about his thoughts on Silva, but he's not exactly wrong.

There are a few fun and interesting match ups that are available to Silva -- like maybe a bout against Michael Bisping -- but to me, none of them involve a third bout against Weidman. If that's really what's next for Anderson, then I would rather see him just listen to his family and ride off into the sunset with a victory.

He will be 40-years-old in a couple of months, and as the most dominant champion in UFC history, he really has nothing to prove anymore.