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Inside the Guard with T.P. Grant - UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz

T.P. Grant breaks down Silva vs Diaz, fires off thoughts on other big fights, and goes in depth on the arm triangle Thales Leites used to choke out Tim Boetsch.

Inside the Guard looks back on UFC 183 headlined by Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz. The concept of the show is still the same, focus on a few key aspects of a few interesting fights and break them down. Now instead of looking at my face through a laptop webcam, I can actually use a few images and YouTube videos to help with the explanations in a Judo Chop like style.

Troubles with the player? Watch it on YouTube.

The topics covered on today's show:

  • Some bigger picture talk of Silva vs Diaz
  • A rundown of implications of other fights on the card and a mini indepth breakdown of McCall's leg lock defense
  • In Depth Look: The Nova Uniao Arm triangle finish with Thales Leites

As promised here is the link to my Judo Chop on how Nova Unaio finds the arm triangle. Also here is the BJJ Scout video I drew on, check out all his videos they are excellent and will change your BJJ life:

And here is the full video of Leites teaching the arm triangle, I have bookmarked this one for future use in my training, I recommend you do the same.

Here is the Audio Only version

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