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UFC 184 results: Jake Ellenberger submits Josh Koscheck

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Jake Ellenberger got himself back into the win column with a nasty submission win over Josh Koscheck in their UFC 184 welterweight bout.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Ellenberger and Josh Koscheck both entered the octagon at UFC 184 badly in need of a win. It was Ellenberger that walked out with the W, while Kos was literally left foaming at the mouth. After hurting Koscheck with a punch in the first, Ellenberger made Kos tap to a nasty north-south choke in the second.

Koscheck came out and tried to use his bread and butter, wrestling, right away. He got Ellenberger down but couldn't do much with it. Ellenberger managed to get up, but Kos kept coming until Jake landed a big punch. After that, Koscheck was touching his left eye a lot and seemed to be on the retreat. Ellenberger was visibly frustrated by the end of the round because he wanted to counter, but Kos wasn't giving him the chance.

Koscheck immediately looked for a takedown in the second round but Ellenberger valiantly fought him off. After some clinching, Kos tried again for a takedown but Ellenberger snatched his neck and wouldn't let go. Kos writhed back and forth on the bottom looking for a way to squirm away, but there was no escape. After foaming at the mouth and trying to tap a couple of times, Koscheck finally tapped out at 4:20 of the second round.

While Ellenberger likely saved his job with the win, Koscheck might be on his way out after another loss, his fourth in a row.