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UFC 184 prelims results: Roan Carneiro chokes out Mark Munoz early

Roan Carneiro picked up his first UFC win in many moons by choking out Mark Munoz in their UFC 184 middleweight bout.

Mark Munoz was advised to retire after a bad loss in his last fight. He ignored that advice and continued on. Well, he might be reconsidering that decision after tonight, where he was quickly choked out by Roan Carneiro in their UFC 184 middleweight bout. The end came in just 100 seconds.

Munoz came forward against his smaller opponent quickly, but got caught in a front headlock. Carneiro got him to the ground in side control, and transitioned to his back when Munoz left himself open when trying to get up. He quickly wrapped up a rear naked choke, and squeezed until Munoz was unconscious.

Carneiro even had to tell the ref, who was standing right there, that Munoz was out.

Carneiro (20-9, 2-3 UFC) was competing in the octagon for the first time in over six years after a 1-3 run at welterweight back in 2007-08. Munoz (13-6, 8-6 UFC) has now dropped three in a row and four out of his last five.