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UFC 184 prelims results: Yamamoto vs. Salazar declared a No Contest

An unintentional eye poke from Kid Yamamoto led to his UFC 184 fight with Roman Salazar being declared a No Contest.

Harry How/Getty Images

Kid Yamamoto's return to the UFC didn't go quite according to plan. The Japanese legend faced off with Roman Salazar on the preliminary card of UFC 184, and was looking decent over the first few minutes of the fight. But an accidental eye poke ended up stopping the action in the second round, and the bout was declared a No Contest.

Both men actually poked each other in the eye in the first round, but neither seemed all that major. The second one by Yamamoto was quite bad though - Kid put up his hand to defend against a charging Salazar, and Salazar basically walked right into his fingers.

After a lengthy timeout, referee John McCarthy brought in the doctor to look at Salazar, then started quizzing him on his own. He asked Salazar repeatedly if he could see, and Salazar said he could not out of his left eye. Despite that, McCarthy asked him if he was okay to fight multiple times, which was very strange to me. Salazar was honest and said he couldn't see, so the fight was called off.

It remains to be seen if the two men will rematch in the future, but it was a regrettable ending to a fight that a lot of people were looking forward to.

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