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Watch: Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson troll Dana White with presser 'brawl'

Looks like Jon Jones didn't want Dana White to miss out on Dave Sholler's action.

One of the biggest moments in recent UFC fight promotion was Jon Jones' infamous press conference brawl with Daniel Cormier. Their dust up at a pre-fight media event caught the attention of fans everywhere, and eventually made its way into the UFC's own promo vids. It was a big sales booster, but a moment that UFC president Dana White said he would have broken up, had it gone down on his watch. Looks like Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson were eager to give him the opportunity.

Both fighters were on hand for the UFC's "Welcome to the Show" press conference, to promote their title fight at UFC 187. But, when they squared off for a stare down, things started to get heated... or not.

They got Dana goood!

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Just to confirm the good vibes all around, Anthony Johnson was on Twitter, shortly afterward, seeing if he could find a picture of Dana's face, in the heat of battle:

Solid work from the champion and the challenger.

And of course, not to be shown up by the boss: