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UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano live results, play by play and discussion

Live results and detailed play-by-play for tonight's UFC 184 pay-per-view, which is headlined by women's bantamweight champion "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey defending the title against undefeated Cat Zingano.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, in-depth play by play and discussion as UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano goes off from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Imperious bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey puts her title on the line against unbeaten top contender Cat Zingano in the pay-per-view headliner while gritty TUF alum Raquel Pennington welcomes newly signed striking specialist Holly Holm in the co-main. Also on the main card: Josh Koscheck returns to face Jake Ellenberger, welterweights Alan Jouban and Richard Walsh, and a lightweight tilt pitting Tony Ferguson vs. Gleison Tibau.

Live play-by-play will commence with the UFC Fight Pass prelims at 7 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Feel free to absorb this week's MMA Vivisection for detailed analysis, predictions and betting odds on the entire UFC 184 card.

UFC 184 Main Card

Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano

R1: Zingano bull-rushes Rousey with a flying knee and nearly takes her down but Rousey counters amazingly with a head-and-arm-throw. By the time the scramble settles Rousey is stretching out a modified straight armbar.

  • Ronda Rousey defeats Cat Zingano by submission (straight arm-lock) R1 0:14

Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington

R1: Holm loosens a front-leg side kick and a high kick and Pennington shoots. Holm denies it and separates. Holm surprisingly clinches up and then ejects after a knee to the body from Pennington. Holm tacks on a one-two after a side kick and it grazes. Pennington counter clinches but Holm lands a body knee and separates. Outside low kick from Pennington, who catches Holm's high kick but can't convert the takedown.

They trade knees in the over-under clinch. Holm fakes t he left roundhouse kick and comes straight with it, Pennington evades. Holm leads with a left cross downstairs, then glances with a right hand on the clinch break. Double jab from Holm to set up another left to the body. 10-9 Holm.

R2: A Holm high kick whizzes over Pennington's head but the follow-up side kick lands to the body. Holm unbolts a left hand and steps away from Pennington's level change. This time Holm hangs around in the clinch long enough to land a knee to the body from the double necktie. Holm flashes her hands and closes the combination with another side kick to the breadbasket.

Pennington tries to duck under Holm's Superman punch to no avail. Pennington simply being outclassed on the feet here. Pennington twice attempts to duck under Holm's flurry unsuccessfully but she does clip Holm with a right hand. Holm continues to throw at a high pace and land a moderate clip as Pennington looks for answers. 10-9 Holm.

R3: Pennington's outside low kick lands with the foot. And another. Holm leads with a left to the body. Holm catches Pennington with a right uppercut and a left hook. Now it's a clean left hook for Holm followed by another left cross to the body. Lead-leg hook kick for Holm. Pennington lands a sharp right that bobs Holm's head back. Nice counter right from Pennington, who blocks the follow-up high kick.

Pennington now using short angles to counter Holm's incessant flurries and it's opening up opportunities. Pennington shellacks Holm with a monster right hand that drops her, but Holm pops back up and lands a knee in the clinch. Pennington shoots a takedown and Holm stuffs it and wings a high kick. Pennington lands a counter right. And another. Make it three. Now it's a left hand and it bloodies Holm's nose. Pennington scores with a straight left in the closing exchange. 10-9 Pennington. I have it 29-28 Holm.

  • Holly Holm defeats Raquel Pennington by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Jake Ellenberger vs. Josh Koscheck

R1: Koscheck comes out with a few jabs and Ellenberger keeps him honest with a heavy overhand right. Double jab from Koscheck, then a left body kick. Ellenberger slips the next jab to land his own but Koscheck changes levels and dumps him with a double leg. Koscheck passes to half and threatens to take the back as Ellenberger stands but settles for the rear waist cinch. Ellenberger turns to face him and Koscheck stays in on the double leg. Ellenberger, after stabilizing his balance, lands two short downward elbows and a short knee to the body.

Koscheck goes to foot stomps and then bails on the takedown to land a pair of hard knees to the body. They separate with Ellenberger looking to time a counter for Koscheck's jab. Ellenberger lands the double jab. Ellenberger lands a stiff right that backs Koscheck off. Ellenberger stuffs a takedown and lands another right that prompts a smile from Koscheck, who might still be shaken up from the previous right hand. 10-9 Ellenberger.

R2: Koscheck shoots a double leg from right out of his corner, Ellenberger stays upright with an underhook and a wide base. The crowd gets uneasy as Koscheck keeps Ellenberger on the cage without much activity. The ref separates them at 3:30. Koscheck lands a jab and Ellenberger swipes a right hand across his face. Ellenberger lands a stiff jab and Koscheck starts wiping at his eye and face incessantly.

Commentators Rogan and Goldberg are on point in noting Koscheck's hesitation and change of demeanor since Ellenberger landed the big first-round punch. Ellenberger keeps plugging away with measured strikes as Koscheck keeps resetting, still a bit gun-shy. Koscheck shoots again and this time Ellenberger cinches on a power guillotine and it's tight. Koscheck panics and falls to the ground, and Ellenberger switches to the north-south choke. After a long fight, Koscheck begrudgingly taps out.

  • Jake Ellenberger defeats Josh Koscheck by submission (north-south choke) R2 4:20

Alan Jouban vs. Richard Walsh

R1: Jouban lands a left to the body but Walsh simultaneously lands a body kick that's much heavier. Walsh bullies Jouban into the fence, landing two knees before they separate. Jouban lands a body kick and Walsh counters with a right hand. No dice on Jouban's spinning back fist. Walsh lands another stout kick to the body. Jouban answers with a heavy body kick of his own, then snaps Walsh's head back with a jab.

Jouban cracks Walsh with a horizontal elbow from the single collar tie and it puts Walsh on roller-skates. Big John McCarthy interrupts Jouban's finishing flurry to wave it off as Walsh was out on his feet.

  • Alan Jouban defeats Richard Walsh by KO (elbow) R1 2:19

Tony Ferguson vs. Gleison Tibau

R1: Tibau slips on a left high kick but returns to his feet unscathed. Outside low kick lands for Ferguson, then he wades forward to dig one inside. Tibau catches Ferguson with a left cross on his next low kick, which was fairly telegraphed. Ferguson brilliantly catches Tibau's kick with his left hand and plugs him with a right cross, and Tibau goes down. He's back up quickly but Ferguson shellacks him with a shot that wobbles him.

Tibau hits the canvas again and Ferguson laces on a choke, then he takes Tibau's back and forces the tapout via the mata leao.

  • Tony Ferguson defeats Gleison Tibau by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 2:37

Fox Prelims
Roan Carneiro vs. Mark Munoz

R1: Munoz tries to scoop up Carneiro's low kick. Carneiro surprisingly sprawls on a Munoz takedown and bowls him over with the front headlock. Carneiro in side control, then he smoothly takes the back of Munoz during his escape attempt. It's a textbook rear-naked choke with no hand fighting from Munoz, who goes out cold.

  • Roan Carneiro defeats Mark Munoz by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 1:40

Roman Salazar vs. Norifumi Yamamoto

R1: Yamamoto bursts out of his corner with a lunging right hook. Things cool off until Salazar misses with a kick 30 seconds in. Yamamoto looking light on his feet in avoiding Salazar's sporadic strikes but he's yet to attack after the initial outburst. Yamamoto glances with a backpedaling right hook counter, looking like the quicker fighter. Salazar lands a short knee/kick to the body, then barely gets a glove in front of Yamamoto's next check hook.

Salazar tries to duck under Yamamoto's next offering but he's not even close on the takedown as Yamamoto circles out. "Kid" leads with an uppercut that grazes and follows with an inside low kick. We pause as Yamamoto is accidentally poked in the eye. Yamamoto again catches Salazar with a right hook counter off his back foot. They trade jabs. 10-9 Yamamoto.

R2: Salazar hits a takedown as Yamamoto is throwing a low kick but he can't keep position and Yamamoto pops back up and separates. They clinch up and trade knees and we're forced to endure another timeout for an eye poke; this time it's Salazar. Salazar grazes with a left hand on the restart. Yamamoto lands an inside low kick. Right hook is there for Yamamoto again. Salazar stops fighting after an exchange and the replay shows another accidental eye poke. After a prolonged timeout, Salazar admits he can't see out of his eye.

  • Roman Salazar vs. Norifumi Yamamoto is ruled a No Contest (accidental eye-poke) R2 2:37

Dhiego Lima vs. Tim Means

R1: Lima gets a glove in front of Means' left high kick. Inside low kick from Lima. Means answers with one of his own after a left cross. Now a front snap kick to the midsection from Means and it grazes with the toes. Another front kick and double one-twos from Means, who then drops Lima with a knee to the head. Lima trudges back up to his feet where he's greeted by a nasty horizontal elbow from Means. Means cracks him with a clean left cross and continues to walk him down methodically. Means peels off a scorching left hand and Lima finally crumples.

  • Tim Means defeats Dhiego Lima by TKO (punches) R1 2:17

Derrick Lewis vs. Ruan Potts

R1: Lewis heaves a big left high kick that Potts blocks. Potts flings a hesitant left body kick while almost sprinting to the right to get off-center. Potts ducks under a step-in left hook from Lewis but it's Lewis who nearly hits the trip. Lewis puts Potts on the cage with a body lock and we pause for a Lewis knee that lands low. We restart at 3:10 and Potts snaps a left body kick home. Lewis chucks some monstrous leather at Potts, who goes down seemingly out of desperation. Potts rolls for a leg lock and manages to secure a pretty tight inverted kneebar.

Lewis is in trouble and on the verge of tapping but eventually rolls out to alleviate the pressure and steps over Potts to break the hold. Potts takes top position in the open half guard of Lewis. Potts looks to isolate the far-side arm and telegraphs it, allowing Lewis to sweep. Lewis hammers down some short left hands. 10-9 Potts for the near finish via sub.

R2: Lewis unbolts a monster left kick that Potts partially blocks and bullies him to the ground with heavy punches. Potts curiously freezes in the turtle position briefly before rolling onto his back. Closed guard for Potts with not much else cookin'. Lewis power-passes into half guard and postures up to level a few beefy right hands.

Lewis slips his leg out for a pass to full mount and sits up, mashing Potts with massive rights. Lewis takes a small break to gather his strength and postures back up to deliver the fight-ending flurry.

  • Derrick Lewis defeats Ruan Potts by TKO (punches) R2 3:18

Fight Pass Prelims

James Krause vs. Valmir Lazaro

R1: Lazaro lands an inside low kick. Make it another. Krause switches to orthodox and lands one of his own, then a jab. Another inside low kick for Lazaro and another jab for Krause. Krause whiffs on a spinning kick but avoids Lazaro's counter flurry. Krause goes back to southpaw with an outside low kick, then changes levels behind a one-two and puts Lazaro on the fence with a double-leg attempt. Lazaro gathers his base and circles off the fence with a knee downstairs.

Krause circles off the fence and breaks away. Lazaro counters a telegraphed left from Krause with a sharp right. Krause lands a shot to the body and Big John McCarthy acknowledges an accidental clash of heads. Krause goes after a single leg on the restart and uses to put Lazaro on the cage wall. Short knees to the thigh from Krause, interestingly, targeted at the limb trapped in his single-leg attempt. Lazaro closes the round strong with two methodical outbursts of punches that land clean. 10-9 Lazaro for a slight striking edge.

R2: Lazaro opens with a piston-like jab from range. Krause dings him with a right and then follows up with a double-leg attempt; Lazaro stuffs it and connects with a right. Krause is denied again when he shoots and Lazaro adds insult to injury with a sharp punch. Krause answers with a right hand, then dips in to dig a left hook to the liver. Krause's left body kick is partially blocked but he sneaks in a leaning left hook.

Lazaro glances with a right hand off his back foot and scores with a jab on the next exchange. Lazaro shucks off a Krause takedown and lands a knee to the body but must've taken a shot below the belt. The replay shows no evidence of it or any other foul. They're restarted with Lazaro pumping his jab and Krause whiffing on a high kick. Lazaro lands a right, then a knee to the body and an inside low kick. Beautiful left hook to right outside low kick from Lazaro, Bas Rutten style. Lazaro denies another takedown and keeps leather in Krause's face. 10-10: I had Krause up by a slight margin but felt Lazaro evened it late in the round.

R3: They both trade from the fringe with jabs and the occasional follow-up cross. They clinch briefly and separate with no advantage. Lazaro is short on the left hook but he grazes with the right low kick. Krause is slow on the release and reaching with his strikes, and it's giving Lazaro opportunities with his close-range boxing. No dice on Krause's next takedown attempt but he cleverly lands a kick to the head from the clinch.

Clubbing left counter is good for Lazaro. Krause answers and Lazaro fires back with a double jab and a low kick. They trade glancing shots. Lazaro lands another low kick and Krause answers in kind. Krause alternates sides on double body kicks and wards off a half-hearted takedown attempt. Lazaro continues to throw a right hand and then follow with a short back-hand. Krause's accuracy increases and his output stays the same as Lazaro's pace drops a notch late in the third. 10-9 Krause. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Valmir Lazaro defeats James Krause by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Masio Fullen vs. Alexander Torres

R1: Torres jogs out of his corner and directly into a crisp one-two from Fullen. He gathers himself and attacks with a low kick but Fullen backs him off with more leather. Front-leg side kick from Torres after he partially lands a left body kick. A very distinct closed stance for the southpaw Torres, who plugs Fullen with a right that wobbles him. Torres goes gangbusters with close-range punches from the single collar tie, but he goes downstairs twice and gets tagged by a right counter from Fullen, who's apparently recovered.

Shuffling switch kick from Fullen but he's taken down for a quick second after initiating a clinch. Sharp left kick to the ribs from Torres; Machida-esque. Torres stuns Fullen with another right hand but this time he's taken down when over-committing on his follow-up flurry. Torres uses busy hips to create space and then a counter single leg to stand back up and separate. They trade shots in the closing seconds. 10-9 Torres.

R2: Torres clinches up to counter an incoming Fullen combination and puts him on the fence with an underhook. 50/50 clinch now as Torres seeks a body lock. Fullen swims in to grab his own underhook and grazes with a knee to the body. Torres lands a horizontal elbow on the clinch break. Torres again shoots a duck-under takedown as Fullen's pressuring with punches and settles for the same clinch position on the fence.

They separate at the halfway mark and Fullen lands a glancing overhand right, then has a high kick blocked. This time Fullen is ready for the reactive takedown and stuffs it easily. Solid low kick lands for Torres but Fullen chambers off a quick flurry that slices through Torres' guard. Fullen with knees to the body from the clinch before separating. Fullen throws a high kick and a spinning kick, both are blocked. Fullen bulldozes his way into range with short punches, and he seems to be in the driver's seat now. Heavy counter right hook lands for Fullen, causing Torres to stumble back. Fullen closes the frame pelting Torres with more flurries. 10-9 Fullen.

R3: Torres has lost his angles and gets stung while trading in the pocket with Fullen, who re-engages with a high kick and an uppercut. Fullen thuds a right into the guard of Torres and then dings him with another right hand. Now it's a very controlled flying knee to the body that lands heavy for Fullen. Fullen thunders a counter right to Torres' jaw. Torres tries to clinch to stem the tide but Fullen shoves him away.

Torres gets deep on a double leg and nearly gets it, then switches to a single with Fullen on the cage.Torres buries his head in the clinch, intent on the takedown or killing some time. They separate and Torres reattaches himself but can't get anything going offensively. Mid-power knee to the body from Torres on the clinch break. Torres shoots again right after they separate but finishes the takedown this time. Fullen pops right back up but Herb Dean pauses the action to voice a stern warning to Fullen for grabbing the cage. 10-9 Fullen. I have it 29-28 his way.

  • Masio Fullen defeats Alexander Torres by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)