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Bellator 134: British Invasion - live results, streaming video, play by play, discussion

Live results and in-depth play by play for tonight's British-themed Bellator 134 fight card, which is headlined by light-heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton defending against Liam McGeary.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video (prelims) and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 134 goes off from Uncasville, CT.

Notably unorthodox 205-pound champ Emanuel Newton puts his title on the line against undefeated and unmerciful challenger Liam McGeary atop the card while explosive knockout artist Paul Daley meets Luta Livre specialist Andre Santos in the co-main event. Also on the main card: Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal goes back up to heavyweight to face French Thai boxer Cheick Kongo, Thierry Sokoudjou draws hulking UK grappler Linton Vassell and, in his welterweight debut, rising wrestle-boxer Brennan Ward meets undefeated striker Curtis Millender.

Live play-by-play will commence with the main card on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for picks, analysis and betting odds with yours truly and Zane Simon.

Bellator 134: "British Invasion"

Main Card

Emanuel Newton vs. Liam McGeary (LHW championship)

R1: Newton throws a right hand and a front-leg side kick right after touching gloves. McGeary has a right high kick blocked. Inside low kick to spinning kick from Newton, both graze. Inside low kick lands high on the inside of McGeary's thigh. Newton catches the next McGeary kick and takes him down. McGeary angles for an armbar that Newton defends, then latches on a tight triangle choke. Newton goes to the power-bomb defense but McGeary keeps the choke locked. After fighting for two-on-one wrist control, McGeary goes to the triangle-armbar and it looks deep but Newton slips out.

Newton now on top in side control and throwing hammer-fists. McGeary throws his legs up and retains guard, then cinches on a straight armbar. Newton, in pure defense mode, escapes the armbar but falls into an inverted triangle amidst some phenomenal chain grappling from McGeary. Now McGeary rolls him over with the Americana and Newton defends that, but it's on to a kimura for McGeary. Newton is out again and this time on top, looking to isolate an arm triangle. 10-8 McGeary for a heap of near-finishes.

R2: They stay at range with Newton prodding with front and side kicks. Newton doubles up on side kicks, then catches another McGeary kick to land the takedown. McGeary is all gangly limbs and Newton has to wade through them to throw punches. McGeary's activity is preventing any strikes from Newton and McGeary lands two elbows from his back.

McGeary uses a triangle attempt to initiate a scramble but Newton stays on him. Short right lands for Newton. McGeary isolates an arm and quickly switches to a triangle, using it to sweep Newton and ending the round with a torrent of unhindered left elbows to Newton's head. 10-9 McGeary.

R3: They stay outside trading shots and McGeary lands a stiff combo 90 seconds in. Now a left hook counter slams home for McGeary, who's methodically walking Newton down. Newton slips while throwing a kick but ends up on top after McGeary falls back for a guillotine. Newton maintains top position but spends the next two minutes trying to navigate through McGeary's spidery guard and warding off submissions. McGeary ties up a triangle choke and rolls Newton over for a mounted triangle, again ending the frame with a downpour of strikes. 10-9 McGeary.

R4: Newton whiffs on a step-in right. McGeary lands a left and Newton accidentally catches him in the cup with a kick. They touch gloves and fight on. Newton looking to establish range with more front and side kicks. McGeary attacks with a combo and Newton nearly goes down after slipping during a counter kick. Newton's spinning back fist comes up short.

Newton lands a glancing right but can't find the spinning back fist. They clinch and Newton puts McGeary on the cage, then snaps his head down with the front headlock. Newton hits a takedown from the waist lock and falls into McGeary's open guard. Newton holds a body lock to stifle McGeary's movement and then postures up with a few punches to set up an arm-triangle attempt. It was slick but McGeary fights out of it. 10-9 Newton.

R5: They clinch early with Newton landing a knee to the body and hitting an easy takedown. McGeary angles for an armbar but Newton hoists him up and back down to break the lock. Newton in side control, throwing short forearms to the face. Newton backs out and stands up with McGeary plunging kicks at his knees. Newton misses with a right hand while falling back into McGeary's guard.

McGeary is still active but he can't light the fuse on any legit submission attempts. He goes for a triangle but Newton stacks the legs and works out of it. McGeary switches to an armbar but can't threaten. 10-9 Newton. I have it 48-47 McGeary.

  • Liam McGeary defeats Emanuel Newton by unanimous decision (48-46, 48-47 x 2)

Cheick Kongo vs. Muhammed Lawal

R1: Lawal lands a snapping jab early. Kongo answers back, then follows with a right cross. Lunging left hook comes up short for Lawal but he glances with the next one. Lawal ducks to mimic a takedown attempt but comes high with a big right that just misses. Lawal misses with another lunging left hook and nearly catches Kongo's front kick. Kongo backs him off with an inside low kick. Lawal lands a short left hook then again ducks under only to come high with a right. Lawal follows up on the punch with a takedown, landing in Kongo's half guard.

Kongo takes a knee to escape but Lawal, showing his quickness and wrestling advantage, spins to his back. Kongo stands up with Lawal in the rear waist cinch, throwing a few knees to the hamstrings. Lawal keeps Kongo on the cage with the body lock and then takes him down again. Open guard for Kongo with grapevines on both sides. Lawal is content to hold the body lock and keep Kongo in place. Kongo lands a short burst of elbows to the face. 10-9 Lawal.

R2: Kongo surprisingly attacks Lawal with a takedown attempt but it's negated after a short scramble. Sharp low kick lands for Kongo; he slips on the next one and they clinch up with Lawal putting Kongo on the fence with a left underhook. Lawal changes levels and goes after a double but Kongo's stance is too wide. Lawal switches to the single leg to complete another takedown. Lawal in side mount as the crowd murmurs their discontent.

Kongo again grapevines the legs after retaining full guard and fights to a stalemate with double wrist control. Lawal steps over into half guard and Kongo closes it, looking for posture control. Lawal bases down with a cross-face but can't create enough space to strike. Kongo struggles back to his feet and grabs a single leg with Lawal's back on the cage but doesn't have time to capitalize. 10-9 Lawal.

R3: Kongo walks Lawal down with a few left low kicks until Lawal holds his ground and fires off a combo. Kongo stays on him and lands a left hand and a knee to the body from the clinch. Lawal hits a slick outside trip and Kongo scrambles back to his feet. Lawal stays adhered but can't finish the single and Kongo pushes him away and separates. Clearly more aggressive now, Kongo chases after Lawal dangerously with short right hands, prompting an easy level change and duck-under double leg from Lawal.

Kongo lands a short left elbow and sits up on the cage in half guard. "King Mo" wisely winds down the time with stifling control. Kongo stands up with 1:20 left and Lawal switches to the ankle pick to re-ground him. The crowd isn't particularly appreciative of his positional tenacity, however. They're stood up with 20 seconds left and Kongo is noticeably slow to rise. 10-9 Lawal for a clean 30-27 sweep on my card.

  • Muhammed Lawal defeats Cheick Kongo by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Paul Daley vs. Andre Santos

R1: Santos stays outside, flicking jabs and throwing the occasional inside low kick. Santos counters Daley's rush nicely with a knee to the body. Daley starts working his jab from range, switching it up and going to the body soon after. Santos wings a heavy three-punch combo that catches Daley and might've stunned him. Inside low kick from Daley. Santos scores with the big right again.

Daley breaks a clinch with the left hook, then throws another. They clinch again and Daley lands a knee to the body. Daley turns up the pressure but Santos counter-clinches and puts him on the fence. Daley circles off, looking for double underhooks. Santos reverses position and they're separated by the ref. Daley stomps on the gas with a protracted volley of fierce punches. Santos, backed up against the fence, falls for a leg-lock out of desperation after tasting the barrage. 10-9 Daley for the late outburst.

R2: Daley counters a low kick with a left hook. They both let their hands go with Santos holding his own fairly well. Santos clinches and Daley puts him on the fence, landing a left hook to the liver. Santos tries an outside trip and Daley slips free and tags him with a shot. Santos again falls onto his back defensively and Daley lands in half guard. Santos works for a sweep from deep half and Daley steps out of it, landing a left to the head during the scramble. Add in a knee to the body from Daley as Santos is getting up. Daley is warned again for having his fingers in the fence.

Santos shows good heart by countering with a double-leg takedown, and he slides all the way into side mount instantly. Santos keeps Daley on the fence with a cradle and succeeds, then switches to right hands and a choke attempt. Daley labors back to his feet, widening his stance to stay upright. Daley switches to the Thai plum and lands a knee to separate, but it's Santos who connects flush with a right hand. Santos flings a combo and follows behind it to clinch, hitting another double leg. Daley is back up with Santos clinging to a double with his hands locked. He hoists Daley up but can't complete it when Daley sprawls out. 10-9 Santos.

R3: Daley plasters Santos with a left hook early and he flails to the canvas. "Semtex" follows him down and pounces with left hands. Santos, ever resilient, regains his wits and starts to control Daley's posture. Santos escapes to his feet but he's greeted with another scorcher from Daley, and this one pops open a cut on Santos' forehead. Daley, in the middle of an exchange, snatches the single collar tie quick enough to blast Santos with a knee, and the Brazilian is dropped again.

Daley follows him down, backs out for a second, then cleaves back into his guard with a massive left hand. Daley continues to mash him up with punches but Santos, bloodied and wobbly, wills himself back to his feet to the roar of the incensed crowd. Santos dives in for the body lock and can't get it on his first try, but does on his second and nearly takes Daley's back with a half-minute left. Daley gets back up but is taken back down by a Santos outside trip. 10-8 Daley despite the huge heart of Santos. I have it 29-27 Daley.

  • Paul Daley defeats Andre Santos by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28)

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Linton Vassell

R1: They touch gloves and Sokoudjou feints with a big right hand and a kick, then switches stances and lands an outside low kick. Vassell shoots after the low kick and gets Sokoudjou down briefly, then gets the rear waist-lock when Sokoudjou stands up. Vassell stays aggressive and powers Sokoudjou down in pursuit of a rear-naked choke, though he can only get one hook in. Sokoudjou slides out and stands up but Vassell stays connected and puts him on his back.

Vassell in half guard with a far-side underhook, looking for a pass to mount. Vassell throws a few punches and then looks to trap Sokoudjou's other arm with the crucifix. Sokoudjou defends but eats a few punches, then turns into Vassell and gets his back taken again. Both hooks in this time for Vassell and he has the final 30 seconds to work on the choke. Sokoudjou hand-fights the choke and survives the round. 10-8 Vassell.

R2: Sokoudjou works a few inside low kicks from range to start the second, then switches to southpaw and flicks a jab. Now Sokoudjou looking for left-hook counters as Vassell pressures with long one-twos. Vassell shoots and Sokoudjou catches him with a knee on his way down. Sokoudjou sits up against the fence, hand-fighting Vassell's attempt to secure the body-lock in vain. Vassell gets it and Sokoudjou tries to spin off the cage but again gives up his back.

Vassell sinks both hooks in and flattens Sokoudjou out, battering him with heavy left hands to the head. Sokoudjou freezes and referee Big John McCarthy steps in.

  • Linton Vassell defeats Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou by TKO (punches) R2

Curtis Millender vs. Brennan Ward

R1: Ward leaps forward with a left hook but gets tagged by left downstairs and a right upstairs from Millender on the next exchange. Ward gets clipped by a retreating right hand during a straight-line bull-rush, going down to a knee momentarily. Millender bobs Ward's head back with a jab. Ward shoots a double and Millender brushes it off with eery composure. Now Ward erupts into a tight one-two and it wobbles Millender; Ward pounces on him, taking the back and cinching up the rear-naked choke.

  • Brennan Ward defeats Curtis Millender by submission (rear-naked choke) R1

Preliminary Card Results

Dean Hancock defeats Mike Managan by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 1:33
Matt Bessette
defeats Josh LaBerge by TKO (doctor stoppage) R2 5:00
Raphael Butler defeats Josh Diekmann by submission (guillotine choke) R1 1:04
Tamdan McCrory defeats Jason Butcher by submission (armbar) R1 1:06
Neiman Gracie defeats Bobby Flynn by submission (neck crank) R1 2:36
Blair Tugman defeats Marvin Maldonado by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x 2)