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Video: Nick Diaz on Mystery Dress Color: 'That is black and blue!'

The internet is going crazy over the mystery color of that dress, but Nick Diaz got it right.

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In case you haven't been online much, a mystery dress has been making the rounds on the internet that has everyone going crazy. Some people see a white and gold dress, while others see a blue and black (or brown) one instead. UFC star Nick Diaz has seen the photo and his thoughts on the matter are seen on the clip above.

While the online debate has been raging on, the actual dress is blue and black, so Diaz is in fact, correct. But why does the specific photo make it look white and gold for others? Well the image quality (exposure, warmth, etc) has a lot to do with it, but basically it's all about color perception and the illusion it creates as our brain adjusts.

The actual image doesn't have white, black, or even gold (it's brown) on it, but your brain adjusts to what it thinks the real dress should look like, thus creating the subsequent illusion and mind-f*ck.

Check out a similar illusion courtesy of Lotto Lab:

So yes, the dress is blue. And yes, you can't really trust your brain all the time. But Diaz, yeah, you can believe him.