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Photo: King Mo involved in hotel 'brawl' with Triumph United President, Kimbo Slice separates the two

King Mo Lawal was involved in hotel 'brawl" with Triumph United President Hans Molenkamp.

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Bellator's King Mo Lawal was involved in an altercation at a hotel with Triumph United president Hans Molenkamp. According to Mike Mcleish, an official from the apparel company, the incident started when Lawal hurled profanities at Triumph United concerning his former opponent in Quinton Jackson. has a Facebook quote from McLeish, along with a photo he "claims to be an authentic image of the fight". It shows Bellator headliner Kimbo Slice trying to separate the two:

Just thought I’d share some news. You can put me as leaking it.
Popular gear and apparel company Triumph United president and founder Hans Molenkamp gets in brawl with King Mo at hotel after Mo calls Hans "rampages bitch"

While Lawal hasn't exactly released an official statement to share his side of things, he did send out a tweet about the incident:

Whether or not this was done as a publicity stunt, the altercation comes after news that Kimbo Slice will headline a Bellator card against Ken Shamrock this June.