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Johny Hendricks off the Dolce diet for UFC 185

Despite recent weight cutting troubles, the former welterweight champion will not be working with the UFC's diet guru for his upcoming fight against "The Immortal" Matt Brown.

Robert Laberge/Getty Images

Proper diet, nutrition, and training are hot button issues in MMA. This is a young sport and there's still a lot of experimenting going on, as to what makes for the perfect fight camp. Unlike more rigorously controlled (and unionized) sports, there's not a lot of oversight as to how camps are run and what rules guys need to adhere to. As long as fighters are passing drug tests and gyms aren't falling afoul of commissions by letting suspended fighters train (or handing out beatings that commissions want to investigate) there's a lot of room to experiment. One of the biggest areas that MMA fighters seem to be constantly working on improving is weight cutting and weight management.

To that end, the UFC has taken on Mike Dolce to help work with some of their biggest names fighters with the most difficult weight cuts. Former welterweight champion Johny Hendricks has used Dolce off and on for several years. But not at UFC 185, as Fox Sports reports:

"We didn't have a fallout, but I'm not using Mike for this fight," Hendricks revealed. "Here's the thing: I feel like I'm leaning on somebody else too much. He's a great guy and it's a great program, and I'm still using it in a sense because a lot of his stuff I am still using, but I wanted to take it in my own hands.

"Me and my wife, instead of worrying about somebody else doing this or doing that, why don't we just take it over?"

So maybe he's not quite "off the Dolce diet." As for what his current routine looks like, Hendricks provided a few details.

"We have meal prep on Sundays after church, that's what we do. We'll go grocery shopping on Saturday, and after church we'll come home, we'll do everything, make my meals, set them up and then as the week goes on all I have to do is heat it up and eat away," Hendricks said.
"All my coaches, they like it. Instead of worrying about the weight, we've been worrying about the technique or power or weight lifting, all the other aspects of the camp except my weight," Hendricks said. "It's been a huge weight off my shoulders.

Apparently, Hendricks' new target is to keep himself at 193lbs and about 13% body fat. He stated that he was able to make 165 in the past, at that weight, and that he hopes that will leave him with a relatively easy cut to 170 for the future. As for whether it all works out that way. Only the UFC 185 weigh ins will tell the story.

UFC 185 takes place on March 14th in Dallas, Texas. The card will be headlined by a pair of title fights, as Anthony Pettis makes the second defense of his lightweight belt against Rafael dos Anjos, and Carla Esparza makes the first defense of her strawweight title against Joanna Jedrzejczyk.