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Jimi Manuwa: Anderson Silva's PED case is a 'sad ending to a great career'

Asked about the ongoing series of busted PED abusers in the UFC, England's hard-hitting light-heavyweight Jimi Manuwa found sharp words, especially for their most prominent figure, his good friend Anderson Silva.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Jimi Manuwa and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva know each other very well. Manuwa hosted a seminar for the champion in his London gym years ago, the two have become friends ever since. In an interview with MMA Junkie, the British knockout artist explained how shocked he was when he found out that Silva has failed multiple drug tests prior to and after his fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in February.

"I couldn't believe it," Manuwa told MMAjunkie during a recent media day in London promoting his upcoming UFC Fight Night 64 bout in Poland. "I think he was probably the one person I thought would never take performance-enhancing drugs. Now, nothing can surprise me."

Silva might have unnecessarily destroyed his status as greatest mixed martial artist of all time at the end of his career. It was something he didn't need to do, says Manuwa, who feels that Silva would have done well against Diaz, even without performance enhancing drugs.

"He wasn't on drugs when he was doing the great stuff he was doing," Manuwa said. "But it's tarnished his whole legacy. I wanted him to come back and get the belt and then retire. So it's just a whole mess for him now, and it's a sad ending to a great career. I think he could've won without taking the drugs."

Manuwa, who is sporting a very impressive physique himself, continues to take a strong stand against performance enhancing drugs and basically told his old friend: If he can't do it without PEDs anymore, he shouldn't continue doing it at all.

"If you have to take drugs, why are you even competing? You're fighting for the UFC, the best organization in the world? If you can't win without drugs, don't fight. Don't compete. I was disappointed."

Jimi Manuwa is scheduled to face Poland's Jan Blachowicz in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night: Cro Cop vs. Gonzaga in Krakow on April 11.