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Fedor Emelianenko fires back at Joe Rogan's PED speculation: 'He likes to do PR scandals'

Fedor responds to Joe Rogan saying there's a high possibility that he was on PED's.

Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

During his podcast, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan stated that "the possibility is high" that Fedor used PEDs during his career. Emelianenko is in the US to help promote Bellator, and the PRIDE legend has since responded to Rogan's statements.

"He likes to do PR scandals," Emelianenko told FanSided. "As always, I’m ready now to test and always will and always would’ve been clean."

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Fedor was also asked about the drug testing in PRIDE, and the possibility of having competed against PED users.

"Actually we did get tested for steroids but everyone just assumed that because no one tested positive that there were no steroids," he said. "Of course the thought has crossed my mind, and assumptions were made, but it gave me strength to know that my opponent may have had to use something while I put in all of the hard work and long training trying to be a better fighter which is why, with God’s help, I was able to win whether my opponent was on steroids or not."

During the interview, Fedor also confirmed once again that he was "100 percent sure" he's retired from Mixed Martial Arts but still trains and spars because "it's a part of life", and "becomes who you are".

Emelianenko also recently spoke about the failed UFC negotiations, where he blamed Dana White for the collapse.