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Joe Rogan: 'Possibility is high' that Fedor took PEDs

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently spoke about how he feels it's likely that Fedor Emelianenko took PEDs.

Tomokazu Tazawa/Getty Images

With the news that Anderson Silva tested positive for anabolic steroids sending shockwaves around the sport it seems that no fighter is beyond the suspicion of cheating. According to longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan, even one of the sports all time greats, Fedor Emelianenko, could have been on performance enhancing drugs during his time in PRIDE FC.

Rogan stated on his podcast that Emelianenko's size variation throughout his career had roused his suspicions. While Rogan had no concrete evidence other than the variance in Emelianenko's size he continued to plead his case for Fedor being a drugs cheat. (transcript via Mckeeever):

"Until you know for sure you can't say you know, but I would imagine the possibility (of Fedor having used PEDs) is high....He looked big.Go back and look at what he looked like against Fujita. He was a thick motherf*cker. He didn't look anything like he looked when he fought "Bigfoot" Silva. So what happened? Did he stop lifting weights? That's possible. Or, did he stop taking whatever the f*ck he was taking? That's possible too."

You can check out the full episode below. Or skip to 2:33:35 to hear Rogan's comments on Fedor.

While Rogan does make a valid point that Emelianenko did look considerably smaller against Antonio Silva in comparison to how he looked when he faced Fujita in PRIDE it does need to be noted that Fedor stopped weight training in the 8 years between those fights and switched to an aerobic based workout that would in all likelihood result in a significant drop in muscle mass .

With no proof of Fedor Emelianenko ever failing a drug test it all remains speculation at this point. Fedor retired in 2012, after a lackluster stint in Strikeforce.