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Tyrone Spong returns from injury in March, competes in boxing match

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On March 6, Glory kickboxer Tyrone Spong will make his return to the ring after almost a year-long absence due to a broken leg. The bout will be contested under boxing rules.

Tyrone Spong
Tyrone Spong
Elier Saunders/EC Boxing

In April of last year, Glory kickboxing's Tyrone Spong suffered the same horrific injury as former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. In the final of Glory's light-heavyweight tournament he faced Gokhan Saki for the inaugural 209 lbs. championship, but broke his leg in the first round when one of his low kicks hit Saki's block. Spong immediately underwent surgery and now, only 11 months later, he is scheduled to make his comeback.

March 6 will mark Spong's in-ring return at a smaller event in Berlin, Germany, as reports. However, the Blackzilian Team's striking expert, will favor his recently healed leg a little longer than that, since the bout will be contested under boxing rules.

Spong will be the show's headliner, an opponent for him hasn't been named, yet. Anyway: "We're not planning to put him against some pushover," said promoter Erol Ceylan of EC Boxing.

The event will be shown live on Eurosport in Europe . There is no official broadcast planned for U.S. television. Also, there is no information, yet on when Spong will return to kickboxing.