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Iowa AC investigating Josh Neer gym fight; head coach says 'it wasn't a beatdown'

A day after video of Josh Neer's apparent gym beatdown of a man who'd been harrassing him on Facebook went viral, the gym's head instructor as well as the head of the Iowa Athletic Commission are commenting on Monday's incident.

Former UFC fighter Josh Neer has been the center of attention over the past 24 hours after he uploaded a video to Youtube of him seemingly beating up a man (later identified as Patrick Martin) at the RoundKick Gym in Iowa. Neer described Patrick Martin as a "dumbass" who repeatedly harassed him on Facebook, ultimately challenging him to a full-contact fight.

Neer's clip quickly went viral across many MMA websites (and even mainstream non-MMA website Gawker), and now we're seeing some more details unfold out of this story. TMZ Sports reports that the Iowa Athletic Commission plans to investigate the matter to see if Neer broke any rules. In the report, IAC executive director Joe Walsh stated that a legal team is studying their rulebook, and that they generally have jurisdiction over events and not what goes on in gyms.

Meanwhile, the owner and head instructor at RoundKick, Pete Peterson, spoke with MMA Junkie to further elaborate on Martin's place at the gym, as well as a more descriptive account of the full fight between Neer and Martin.

Peterson said Martin actually had signed up for classes this past week at RoundKick and was training for a fight in June. Peterson said the problems began shortly after Martin began posting threats on Facebook toward Neer, who explained that Martin had been disrespectful during his second class at the school.

Peterson let the two settle their problems through full-contact sparring, which he claims is the first time he's ever encountered a situation like this:

"It’s better to be in the gym in a safe environment where it can be stopped than out in the street somewhere," Peterson said. "I’ve been in martial arts for 25 years. Back in the old-school days, you hear about people walking into a martial arts school challenging the instructor and getting beat down. I’ve never, ever seen that happen in my life.

"I think this is the first time anybody’s actually challenged and been disrespectful to one of our coaches here, or even to myself or anybody. He just wouldn’t let it go. He has, my gosh, 70, 80 pounds on Josh, about nine inches on Josh – he’s a bigger guy. So I let it go."

While the :14 long video made it seem like Neer blasted Martin with little resistance, Peterson said that there was much more to it.

"Martin threw a few strikes at Neer, ran away, and the two grappled a few times before Neer took him to the ground."

"The elbows look bad, but they’re not hard-cut elbows. They were forearm, more or less. And you hear it on camera, and it sounds worse than it was."

He also shot down claims that Neer threw a soccer kick at the end of the video, instead saying Neer was trying to catch his balance after he stumbled in the separation and inadvertently hit him in the face.

Martin still posted several post-fight messages on Facebook, arguing that Neer was hitting him with "cheap shots" and later asked for a rematch. If that ever actually happens, it definitely will not be at RoundKick, because he's since been banned.